Flexi-Q PFS

Flexi-Q PFS single-use auto-injector provides a fully-automated injection, with button activation and passive needle safety.

Flexi-Q PFS can differentiate new drug products and can be a lifecycle management tool for existing drugs.

Pharmaceutical Company Advantages


  • Enables using a drug delivery device for drugs in prefilled syringes
  • For drugs in 1mL "long" PFS   Fixed delivery volumes of 0.1 - 1.0 mL
  • Compatible with low to high drug viscosities
  • Injection starts only after full needle penetration to intended injection depth
  • Delivery of the entire dose – same dead space as with manual technique
  • Color coding flexibility and other customization options

Short regulatory path

  • Proven technology platform; Compatible with standard glass PFS

Patient Benefits

Ease of use and convenience

  • Fully automatic injection process
  • Hidden needle and quiet injection to reduce anxiety and perceived pain
  • Reduces needle phobia – by hiding the needle throughout the injection process


  • Passive needle safety to avoid needlestick injury
  • Injection commences only when needle reaches intended depth
  • Clear visual and audible confirmation throughout the injection process
  • Skin sensor prevents inadvertant activation
  • Clear distinction between injector ends – prevents injection in wrong direction


Regulatory status - Device Master File was submitted to the FDA (# MAF-1638)
User Steps
Watch Video
1. Inspect drug integrity through window. Pull out the Safety Cover.
2. Press Injector against skin and press Inject Button. Hold injector still for 10 seconds. You will hear a click at the end of injection. You may also observe the piston reaching the end of the barrel.
3. Remove used auto-injector from skin and discard* properly.

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