Flexi-Q mMU

Flexi-Q mMU is a mechanical multi-use auto-injector system which combines a reusable Device and single-use Cassette incorporating a pre-filled syringe (PFS).


Requiring only one additional user handling step, Flexi-Q mMU provides all of the features of a pre-loaded, single-use auto-injector, including needle shielding, automated injection and passive needle safety.


Its reusable, easy-to-use and cost-effective design makes Flexi-Q mMU ideal for long-term therapies for chronic conditions.

Pharmaceutical Company Advantages


  • Easy to use, with only 4 simple handling steps
  • Multi-use system provides low cost-per-injection, with minimal material for storage and disposal
  • Automated injection with needle shielding and passive needle safety
  • Configurable for 1mL “long” and 2.25ml PFS
  • Compatible with a wide range of drug viscosities
  • Smart device options with wireless connection

Elcam E3D manufacturing and supply facilities established for standardized Flexi-Q mMU device, shortening time to market.


Patient Benefits

Ease of use and convenience

  • Simple, intuitive user interface – with fully automated injection process
  • Clear visual and audible confirmation of the initiation and completion of injection
  • Large observation window – permits view of the entire PFS fill volume and progress of injection
  • Injection commences only after full needle penetration, delivering entire dose to intended tissue depth
  • Needle hidden throughout the injection process, reducing anxiety and needle aversion


  • Delivery of the entire dose – same dead space as with manual technique
  • Reduced skin reactions – injection starts only after full needle penetration
  • Passive safety features prevent needlestick injuries


User Steps
Watch Video
1. Slide disposable cassette into the reusable device.
2. Remove Safety cover.
3. Press Injector against skin and press Inject Button. Hold injector still for 10 seconds. You will hear a click at the end of injection. You may also observe the piston reaching the end of the barrel.
4. Lift autoinjector from skin, fully remove the cassette and discard* properly.

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