Flexi-Q eMU-P

This electromechanical multi-use auto-injector system is comprised of a reusable Device and single-use Cassette, pre-loaded with a standard pre-filled syringe (PFS)


Flexi-Q eMU-P is particularly suitable for use in long-term therapies that require frequent injections, such as multiple sclerosis, autoimmune conditions and blood disorders.


The reusable design of Flexi-Q eMU-P lowers cost per injection and reduces amount of materials for storage and disposal.

Flexi-Q eMU-P Features

Functionality and Operation


• Reusable, rechargeable electromechanical Device
• Single-use, disposable Cassette pre-loaded with PFS
• Fixed or variable delivery volumes (0.1 mL to 1 mL)


- 2.25 mL PFS variant also available


• Automatic needle insertion, injection and needle retraction


- Needle hidden at all times
- Passive needle safety
- Drug delivery begins only after full needle penetration

• Advanced user interface featuring LCD screen and functional keys, providing


- Real-time user guidance and confirmation
- Access to optional user control of injection parameters
- Calendar settings and injection reminder alerts

• Skin sensor ensures appropriate contact with injection site before activation
• Suitable for injection of high-viscosity drugs




• Optional user controls

- Injection time setting (3 - 100 seconds)
- Needle penetration depth (6 - 12 mm)

• Optional dose calculation (e.g. by body weight) and automated dose setting
• Temperature sensor ensures refrigerated drugs are suitable warmed before injection
• Drug/PFS validation and expiry check using RFID technology
• On-screen access to injection log
• Wireless transmission of injection data to remote storage


Technical Information


• Smartphone design, suitable for pocket size

    -Length x Width x Height 120 x 60 x 20 mm


• Rechargeable batteries: 30 injections per charge


Patient Benefits

User Steps
Watch Video
1. . Insert Cassette into Device port
2. Remove Cassette cover
3. Push against injection site and press Inject button
4. Eject Cassette and dispose of in appropriate container

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