Flexi-Q CAI

Flexi-Q CAI is a 2-step disposable auto-injector platform for drugs in either 1mL or 2.25mL pre-filled syringes (PFS).

This single-use auto-injector incorporates passive needle safety features and is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for patients who may have dexterity and/or motor-control challenges.

Pharmaceutical Company Advantages


  • Configurable for both subcutaneous (SC) and intramuscular (IM) injection
  • Range of delivery volumes:

0.1 - 1.0 mL for Flexi-Q CAI 100 (1 mL “long” PFS)

0.1 – 2.25 mL for Flexi-Q CAI 225 (2.25 mL PFS)

  • Proprietary force-damping mechanism allows use of high strength springs, whilst preventing excessive impact on glass PFS:

- enabling injection of high viscosity drugs

  • Compatible with standard glass and copolymer syringes
  • Flexi-Q CAI platform can also be configured according to a pharmaceutical company’s specific requirements


Shortened time to market

  • Elcam E3D manufacturing and supply facilities established for standardized Flexi-Q CAI device

Patient Benefits

Ease of use and adherence

  • Simple, intuitive 2-step push-on-skin activation with fully automated injection process
  • Clear visual and audible confirmation of the initiation and completion of injection
  • Large observation window – permits view of the entire PFS fill volume and progress of injection
  • Injection commences only after full needle penetration, delivering entire dose to intended tissue depth
  • Needle hidden throughout the injection process, reducing anxiety and needle aversion


  • Passive safety features prevent needlestick injuries
User Steps
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1. Remove safety cover
2. Push against injection site

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