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Wide Product Portfolio

E3D presents a wide-ranging portfolio suitable for conventional, biological and biosimilar drugs, from disposable auto-injectors for prefilled syringes and vials to mechanical and electronic reusable auto-injectors.

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Innovation is at the heart of E3D’s strategy. Our experienced engineers and expert technicians are highly trained and motivated to bring new ideas and unique technologies for auto-injectors.

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E3D focuses on your needs, offering its expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced production systems for customized  products that meet your exact requirements.

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Manufacturing & Assembly

Our highly automated processes combine sophisticated equipment with superior facilities to ensure production of consistently high-quality products no matter quantity.

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E3D specializes in developing and manufacturing auto-injectors and other drug delivery devices for conventional drugs, biologic products, and biosimilar drugs. Our auto-injectors operate with injectable drugs in vials, prefilled syringes, and cartridges. In addition, we offer disposable and reusable auto-injectors and patch pumps.

One of our major areas of expertise is the customization of devices to meet the customer’s exact needs.

E3D is a subsidiary of the Elcam group, a world leader in OEM disposable medical devices.

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'On Drug Delivery' Magazine - June 2020

We are pleased to let you know that the June 2020 “Connecting Drug Delivery” issue of ONdrugDelivery, contains a blog article , Based on the authors “Meeting the challenges of COVID-19”, and, “The Day That COVID-19 Dies”.

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'The Day That COVID-19 Dies'

It’s at times like the current COVID-19 pandemic that we truly see the importance of the healthcare industry, which is persisting against all odds, maintaining routines and providing the essentials to healthcare systems, and also focusing on how the “day after" will look — the day that COVID-19 dies.

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'Meeting the challenges of Covid-19'

As the effects of coronavirus continue to be felt worldwide, many people have stopped their usual visits to healthcare practitioners due to fear of infection. As people heed the call to “stay home,” the need for safe and easy to use homecare solutions such as our self-administered auto-injectors has been brought into strong focus

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